Tech news 30th July 2015

I noticed some disturbing privacy defaults in Windows 10
Tor Exit Nodes in Libraries – Pilot
A collaborative residency program in mathematical biology and deep learning
Face swapping with Python, dlib, and OpenCV
Preferred number
Encryptr – Free, open-source password manager and e-wallet
Docker Misconceptions
Captain401 (YC S15) Wants to Make Creating a 401k Easier for Businesses
Making Postgres Bloom
Supercomputers: Obama orders world’s fastest computer
Differential Computation Analysis: Hiding your White-Box Designs is Not Enough [pdf]
Show HN: Mycli – A CLI for MySQL with auto-completion and syntax highlighting
Diving into Spark Streaming’s Execution Model
Safari is more energy-efficient than Chrome and Firefox on OS X
Use Cases for Change-Class in Common Lisp
Samuel Delany and the Past and Future of Science Fiction
“Suspicion of treason”: German attorney general investigates journalists
A Brief Introduction to Ice-Penetrating Radar Clone DMCA
New Yorkers Have Been Illicitly Cracking Open Fire Hydrants For Centuries
The Future of American History
SQLite Release
Show HN: Cloudron – Get Your Own Private Cloud
Sweet revenge against superbugs
EFF’s Stupid Patent of the Month: Do It with a Computer
Behavioral Profiling: The password you can’t change
Swimming in Broth: Medicated Baths in Eighteenth-Century Europe
Show HN: Tookapic – Take one photo a day for 365 days
RobotJS – Node.js Desktop Automation
Remote volunteer and internship openings at Zidisha

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