Tech news August 3rd 2015

The Web We Have to Save
Automated reasoning in F#, Scala, Haskell, C++, and Julia
Research Scientists to Use Network Much Faster Than Internet
EFF, AdBlock and Others Launch New “Do Not Track” Standard
Autodesk Stingray Game Engine
Wind turbines in Denmark reached record level in 2014
Show HN: Publicize – PR for Startups
If we stand still, we go backwards
Hello Ruby – Almost there
Chilly at Work? A Decades-Old Formula May Be to Blame
Spy Software Gets a Second Life on Wall Street
Postgres Guide
Disney’s Hyperion Renderer
Vim: Takeaways from One Year of Typing
IBM to Open Source 50 Projects
Introducing Linodes in Frankfurt
GitXiv: Collaborative Open Computer Science
Amazon Cuts Down on Prime Members Sharing Their Benefits
RE: What’s so cool about Scheme? (2003)
Why Snabb?
Mapping how the United States generates its electricity
Let’s Build a Web Server, Part 3
On the Displacement for Covering a Unit Interval with Randomly Placed Sensors
WakaTime – Quantify your coding
The Unemployable Programmer
New research shows non-wetting surfaces promote chemical reaction rates
Soylent 2.0
Fig: Java elegant supplement
Campus Job (W15) is hiring passionate Sales Reps to help students get great jobs

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