Tech news August 4th 2015

Show HN: My SSH server knows who you are
Federal Judge Strikes Down Idaho ‘Ag-Gag Law’
Linus Torvalds did not commit this
Show HN: JAWS – The JavaScript and AWS Stack
How to get banned (2011)
RC4 No More
Twitter Contest Winning as a Service
Snapdocs (YC W14) is hiring a rails engineer
As New York Rents Soar, Public Housing Becomes Lifelong Refuge
A Eulogy for Objective-C
Is Extended Random a Malicious NSA Plot?
Show HN: A Chrome extension to block users on Hacker News
Developing V8 with Guix
C++ Internals: STL Vector, Part I
An Ex-Cop’s War on Lie Detectors
The Tapper videogame patent
How language gives your brain a break
A Plan to Turn Engineers into Managers
Faster deep learning with GPUs and Theano
Model Company – An Uncommon Look at the Common Civil War Soldier
The Itanium processor, part 7: Speculative loads
This is what Big Data really looks like: CERN, the universe and everything
What happened when we got subpoenaed over our Tor exit node
The Great Sushi Craze of 1905, Part 1
A deep look at BIND9 CVE-2015-5477
Would Chinese-style education work on British kids?
NYC’s Taxi and Limousine Commission Trip Record Data for 2014-2015
What the Nose Knows
The illusory Universe (2009)
Computer Chronicles: a complete archive

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