Tech news August 5th 2015

Tufte CSS
Show HN: Careers for people not going to college, built with MeteorJS
Thirteen Months of Working, Eating, and Sleeping at the Googleplex
MH370: Reunion debris is from missing plane
Things I would build if I worked at GitHub
A little Golang way
Smart Contracts Land on Wall Street
Welcome Simon
Index Funds May Work a Little Too Well
Microsoft Expands Its Parental Leave, Bolsters Paid Time Off And 401k Matching
10 Million Events a month, Completely Free
Show HN: Image Processing for Everybody
6 reasons why pre is better than post production code review
Apache Kafka, Samza, and the Unix Philosophy of Distributed Data
Heap (YC W13) is hiring our first Infrastructure / DevOps engineer
What’s it like being a non-profit in Y Combinator?
SHA-3 Standard [pdf]
Shotcut – A free, open-source, cross-platform video editor
Training a Neural Net to Generate CSS
The Itanium processor, part 8: Advanced loads
PostgreSQL: A full text search engine, part 1
How Not to Die (2007)
New evidence of Japan’s effort to build atom bomb at the end of WWII
It Just Works
Hyper – Hypervisor-agnostic Docker
Hulbee – A Safe, Smart, Innovative Search Engine
Machine Learning: Curse of Dimensionality
Interview with Stephen Wolfram on AI and the Future
Getting started with maps in Python

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