Tech news August 6th 2015

Windows Bridge for iOS
Fuzzing a DNS parser written in Go
Proof of linearizability in Raft using Coq
Freight Startups Attract Silicon Valley’s Attention
Privacy Badger – Block spying ads and invisible trackers
A Beginner’s Guide to Restricted Boltzmann Machines
The Case for Controlled Side Effects
Improving Equity Compensation at Coinbase
Warning after security experts hack Tesla car
Taking the ‘D’ Out of CRUD with Soft Updates
OCaml Compiler Hacking: how to add a primitive
A superconducting shield for astronauts
MIT claims to have found a “language universal” that ties all languages together
From a million miles away, NASA camera shows moon crossing face of Earth
Standard Treasury Acquired by Silicon Valley Bank
Watch live illustrators and artists on Sywork (YC S15)
A curated list of data science blogs
New Trans-Pacific Partnership Leak Means ‘Significant Overhaul’ for Canadian Law
Using the gdb debugger with Go
The Kansas Experiment
Machine Learning and Human Bias: An Uneasy Pair
Bright (YC W15) Is Hiring Senior Software Engineers
Insufficient Sleep Is a Public Health Epidemic
Building Resilient Services with Go
Go 1.5 Release Candidate 1 is released
EFF Guide to Street Level Surveillance
How experts stay safe at the Black Hat security conference
‘Stay Far, Far Away’ and Other Things Gleaned from Yelp Health Reviews
Why debugging is all about understanding
Why Red Means Red in Almost Every Language

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