Tech news August 7th 2015

Announcing Rust 1.2
U.S. honeybee colonies hit a 20-year high
Unix Toolbox
Almost Everything We Do Will Be Open
Show HN: Is it vulnerable? Drag-n-drop your Gemfile.lock to check
The XY Problem
Firefox exploit found in the wild
Court rules drug dog barely more accurate than a coin flip is good enough
Matrix Computations on the GPU in Clojure
Beyond PEP 8 – Best practices for beautiful intelligible code
PyJS: write your JavaScript-powered web applications entirely in Python
Speed matters: Why working quickly is more important than it seems
Graphs That Showed Landmark Discoveries but Were Later Debunked
The Architecture of a Cryptocurrency
WebGL Studio
Music Programming for Java and JVM Languages
On rump kernels and the Rumprun unikernel
How to search for a commit message in GitHub?
Monkey the Cat Hunts for Dinner
Design Documentaries
A conversation with Google’s in-house philosopher
Google’s $6B Miscalculation on the EU
Selfie with ‘Sunflowers’
One Month (YC S13) Is Hiring Part to Fulltime Python, Rails and JavaScript Teachers
The Itanium processor, part 10: Register rotation
Tabula: Extract Tables from PDFs
Change Data Capture: The Magic Wand We Forgot
ICFP Problem Specification

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