Tech news August 9th 2015

VPaint: An experimental vector graphics editor
Why you should be reading Liu Cixin, China’s hottest science-fiction writer
Classical music generation with recurrent neural networks
Utf8rewind 1.2.1 adds 750 new unit tests for its 13 functions
Web’s random numbers are too weak, researchers warn
The World’s Finest Panama Hat
Testmunk (YC S12) Is Hiring First Sales Development Rep
Show HN: Pyexperiment
Agda Tutorial
Bringing Intel Xeon to notebook PCs
Australian Platypus Conservancy
Domain-Specific Language Engineering (2007) [pdf]
MQTT – machine-to-machine connectivity protocol
Distributed Hash Table Protocol (2008)
Norway’s Opera warns on growth, says firm may be sold
Implementing a Sticky Input Field in iOS
When would you choose Erlang? (2013)
A collection of postmortems
Show HN: A toy ray tracer in Rust
The help and harm of the $173B “voluntourism” industry
Learn Chapel in Y minutes
Deconcentration of Attention: Addressing the Complexity of Software (2012)
The man making puzzles for hackers
A Critique of the Remote Procedure Call Paradigm (1988) [pdf]
Is there trouble brewing in the land of DevOps?
Krill: A terminal feed reader supporting RSS and Twitter
Running Go as a companion process in AWS lambda
Speeding up non-vectorizable code with Cython
Japanese mini Segway “WalkCar”
BEAM languages, Hindley–Milner type systems, and new technologies

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