Tech news August 11th 2015

Thor – A Project to Hammer Out a Royalty Free Video Codec
RethinkDB 2.1 is out: high availability
Windows 10 IoT Core for Raspberry Pi 2
DigitalOcean Teams Up with Bitnami, Install Over 100 Web Apps with a Few Clicks
Why $53M Wasn’t Enough to Scale Good Eggs
Thunderstrike 2: Mac firmware worm details
Ubuntu One file syncing code Open Sourced
Crafting Icons
Relay Technical Preview
Hand-Coded Assembly Beats Intrinsics in Speed and Simplicity
Spreadsheet Power User? Blockspring Is Looking for a Product Marketer
Old graph paper
Understanding ARM Assembly, Part 1
Nine Charged in Insider Trading Case Tied to Hackers
The Philosopher of Surveillance
Gene Therapy Makes Near-Blind Patients See by Strengthening Neural Connections
Lawrence Lessig wants to run for president in an unconventional way
How We Tested Our Food Blog’s Expected CPM with Premium Images
Making Sense of Misery: The Dialect Notebooks of a Teenage Breton Farm Servant
How We Beat C++ STL Binary Search
The Covert World of People Trying to Edit Wikipedia for Pay
A Large-Scale Study of Flash Memory Failures in the Field
Best practices for building large React applications
IEX, Ideology, and the Role of an Exchange
Axis Mundi – A secure, resilient, distributed and open communication platform
One Class to Rule Them All: 0-Day Deserialization Vulnerabilities in Android [pdf]
It’s the spec bugs that kill you
Kali Linux 2.0 Released
OpenSSH 7.0 released
Introduction to Scaling Laws

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