Tech news August 12th 2015

The San Francisco Rent Explosion Part III
Ohm (YC S15) is a smarter, lighter car battery that works with your existing car
“It’s done, there is no way back. We tried, we failed”
How the UK found Japanese speakers in a hurry in WW2
Projects and Companies
Show HN: Find a home close to work
Squeak 5 is out
How I develop with Nix
Linux Assembly How to – “Hello, World”
2015 Engineering Salaries Reviewed
Deep Learning Courses
SourceDNA (YC S15) finds hidden security and quality flaws in apps
A Look at Embedded WiFi Development Boards
AppHub – Update React Native Apps Without Re-Submitting to Apple
Removing the 140-character limit from Direct Messages
Open sourcing Grid, the Guardian’s new image management service
Kodak’s First Digital Moment
GitHub Desktop is now available
For only the second time in our history the ownership of The Economist changes
Russia bans Reddit
Russian plutonium-fueled breeder reactor reaches first criticality
Comparison of machine learning libraries used for classification
Introducing Docker Content Trust
A Minimal Architecture for General Cognition [pdf]
Integration over Invention
JVMLS 2015 – Multi-Language Runtime
Real-time data for cancer therapy
Le Tote (YC S13) Is Hiring Their First Growth Engineer
An explosion in Tianjin, China
The Teflon Toxin

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